Annual Report Printing Services from Sameday Print

Annual report printing is often one of those tasks that business owners don’t particularly look forward to. After all, traditionally speaking, the annual report is a very technical document that serves as an overview of what your business was up to over the past year. It’s a regulatory requirement, and, as such, many companies fall into the trap of believing this document will always be dreadfully boring, no matter how much trouble they take with it.

Fortunately, the Sameday Print team is here to help. While your annual report may fall into the same bracket as the rest of your marketing material that’s intended for consumers, it can still be a well-considered, beautifully presented document that shares information in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Here are a few insider tips to inspire your next annual report design:

Report Printing and Binding Tips

  1. Incorporate a tasteful amount of colour in the document if you can – not so much that it will distract from the content, but enough to keep the reader’s eye ‘entertained’.
  2. Choose a nice legible font that won’t have your reader squinting at every paragraph. Sans serif fonts tend to be easier to read when it comes to lengthy documents (it’s less ‘strenuous’ on the eyes).
  3. Embrace the infographic trend if it makes sense for your industry; by combining text, charts and interesting graphics you entice your reader to consume far more information than they might have gleaned from a page of pure text.
  4. Ensure that your report is well-bound so it does not fall apart after a few reading sessions – the better the bind, the more likely your reader will be to return to the document for more information later on.

Annual Report Printing Costs

At Asset Print, we believe in providing our clientele with the best possible deals on all their printing needs, and this includes annual report printing costs. By using our bulk buying power to secure great rates on the consumables we use in the printing process, we are able to pass those savings on to you without cutting any corners.

Find Out More About Our Annual Report Printing Services

Would you like to find out more about our report printing and binding services? Simply fill in the contact form on this page and one of or knowledgeable Sameday Print representatives will be in touch to discuss your requirements. As soon as we know exactly what you need (number of reports, paper stock, binding method, etc.) we’ll be able to prepare an itemised quote that you can consider at your leisure. We look forward to working with you to ensure that you receive seamless annual report printing assistance from start to finish.