Protective Wrapping Materials

Protective Wrapping Materials
Design Packaging and Tapes offers a wide supply of protective wrappings solutions for South African clients, including corrugated board, bubble wrap and many different forms of plastic products. The most well-known probably being bubble wrap. Here’s a brief overview of the various protective wrapping products available from us:
Corrugated Board (Single Face Corrugated Board)
Corrugated board is made of re-cycled paper which gives it its characteristic softness, making it easy to bend and conform to various shapes without cracking or tearing. It is often used in the furniture industry although not exclusively so.
Our corrugated board products are normally supplied in rolls and four widths are usually held in stock: 950mm, 1250mm, 1525mm and 1830mm.
For more information about our corrugated boards, see Paper and Board Solutions
Angle Board / Edge Cards
These can be made to various lengths and are used mainly as protection on the edge of pallet loads. If used correctly and strapped well, they also give the pallet load some rigidity. They are standard in Kraft and a thickness of 3mm. White board and kraft can be supplied in thicknesses of 3, 4, and 5,5mm. Common lengths are 520mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm.
Corrugated Corner Protectors
Many products require corrugated corner protectors designed for their specific use. A good example is the bedding industry which needs protection to bed bases and mattresses. These are often used to enhance the product being protected but having advertising and name branding printed on the outward facing surface.
Cushion – Plastic Bubbles
Most people are familiar with plastic bubble wrap. Made of a layer of plastic bubbles over another flat plastic surface, it is designed to give a cushion type effect around any product it is placed against. Bubble wrap can be used as a filler within cases or cartons to prevent articles from moving around and getting damaged. It is available in two sizes of bubbles in different length rolls.( 80 meters or 100 meters )
Bubble wrap is also used in the making of padded envelopes and can further be supplied in an anti-static material, which is coloured red, for the wrapping of electronic parts and similar applications where static electricity may be a problem.
All these products can be split into rolls of varying widths or even cut into sheets.
Cushion Kraft
Cushion Kraft is similar to bubble wrap, but comes with a strong Kraft paper backing. It is often preferred and used in the furniture removal industry and is sold in rolls of 1220mm width and 80m lengths.
This product is a closed cell polyethylene foam (LDPE). It is readily recyclable, has good shock absorption and insulating properties and is dust, wind and water resistant. It is non-toxic, UV resistant and is CFC and HCFC free. It is used in many industries including furniture, glassware, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, building, construction and roofing.
Standard stock sizes in roll form are:
1250mm ( Width) x 200m (Length ) x 1mm ( Thickness )
1500mm ( Width) x 200m (Length ) x 1mm ( Thickness )
1250mm ( Width) x 200m (Length ) x 2mm ( Thickness )
1500mm ( Width) x 200m (Length ) x 2mm ( Thickness )
1250mm ( Width) x 100m (Length ) x 3mm ( Thickness )
1500mm ( Width) x 100m (Length ) x 5mm ( Thickness )
The material can be split to smaller widths or cut into sheet form if required. The colour is standard white, but other colours can be made depending on the quantity ordered.
Sheets and Containers
Normally sold in sheet form and cut to thickness and size required. No standard is held as a stock item. Sheets and containers can be supplied in any shape, but this requires a special mould to be made for a specific shape. It is available in container shapes with lids and this is often used in the fresh food industry. An example would be for fish and these are known as “fishtainers “, which come in various sizes. The 20 kilogram size container is one of the most popular containers in common use.
Wriggly Worms
These are small polystyrene shapes made into the shape of a worm, used to fill in empty gaps and spaces inside packages to prevent articles from moving around and being damaged. They are very lightweight and easy to use.
Airpad Films
These are small plastic pockets of air filled sacks used to fill gaps inside containers to prevent articles from moving around and getting damaged. Our airpad films can be supplied already made up or for large quantities, air filled on site. Airpad films can be stored flat thus saving on storage space and are very clean to use.
This product has many different formats. Whether it is closed cell or open cell it is supplied to order as most applications require different specifications. It is usually used to protect items in transit. Foam is mostly supplied in sheet or pad form, but can be cut to various shapes and sizes if required.
Plastic Corner /Edge Protectors
Made of hard plastic, plastic corner edge protectors are used to protect goods from straps which cut across edges and where such strapping will cut into the package or contents. It is stocked in two sizes, 19mm and 32mm.
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