Advantage Of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a necessity for many businesses. If you only advertise in your store, you won’t be able to advertise to local prospects and those driving or walking by. You can get a lot of business from passersby who stop in to your store on impulse. Of course, people get those impulses from seeing your outdoor advertising, usually in the form of a poster printing piece like a huge sign or billboard.

Posters work well for businesses that have a large, local target market. That’s why billboards are so popular – they can reach hundreds of thousands of people in the course of just one day on a busy highway. Many people don’t think of a billboard as a poster, but most billboards are just huge posters pasted together to create one huge poster.

Advantages of outdoor advertising posters You can’t switch off an outdoor advertisement. People can turn off the TV or radio, they can’t turn off billboards and other outdoor posters. When people drive by billboards or walk by posters on the side of a building, they can choose not to look, but they often do look. Even if they don’t want to, curiosity gets the best of them and by the time they’ve decided they don’t really need to read the poster, they’ve already read it.

That leads to the next advantage. Posters are easy to digest. By their very nature, posters are graphic elements with little text. People process images much faster than they process words, which means posters can be quickly and easily understood.

People spend a lot of time in their vehicles. The average commuter spends 25 minutes on her drive to work which is nearly an hour a day spent driving past billboards and signs. When you factor in traffic, that’s probably is an hour spent sitting on highways and city streets, bored. When people are bored they like to look at interesting things. That’s where your outdoor advertising comes in.

Posters aren’t as expensive as other forms of advertising. Outdoor advertising, which pertains mostly to billboards, are priced as CPM, or cost per thousand. (Mille means thousand in Latin. Why not just shorten it to CPT? Sometimes it is seen as CPT, but most printers refer to it as CPM. I’m not sure why.) CPM is the cost of reaching 1,000 potential viewers through an outdoor advertising display. You can find the CPM of a billboard by dividing the monthly cost by the monthly circulation in thousands. The billboard company that rents the space can tell you what the monthly circulation is of each billboard. Circulation is the number of people who see the billboard each month. So, if you pay $2,000 to rent a billboard for one month and the billboard has a monthly circulation of 2,000 viewers, you’ve just paid $1 per view. If the monthly circulation is 10,000 for that same $2,000 billboard, you’ll only pay 20 cents per view. That’s cheaper than postcard marketing!

If you can find a great spot for a billboard at a reasonable cost, give it a try. Just make sure your message is short (less than eight words) and that your graphics are able to do your talking for you. You can gain many new customers for little money.

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