Signage Maintenance

Many of the signage products that we sell and install do have a life span in terms of maintenance. At Same Day Printing we offer both cyclical (preventative or pro-active maintenance) as well as reactive maintenance for all signage products to pro-long the overall life span of your signage and illumination systems.
Outdoor corporate signage is susceptible to the effects of the elements and will, over time, suffer aesthetical and functional damage from influences such as UV exposure, high winds, corrosion, lime scale deposits (rain water), infestations (birds, bugs and rodents) and collisions (human error).
Same Day Printing provides a maintenance solution that caters to the needs of your business and the type of signage which you make use of. From changing of lighting elements and wiring, to the replacing of cracked panels and high pressure hosing on your signs, Same Day Printing offers a full-house maintenance plan to suit any budget.
By setting aside a maintenance budget, you can opt for a cyclical maintenance and avoid noticeable aesthetical degradation, and functional faults such as electrical shortages, altogether by utilizing an on-going maintenance schedule.
Smaller to medium sized businesses sometimes prefer reactive maintenance which is essentially an ad-hoc response to a sign that has already lost function, or has been badly damaged, in order to save costs.
This may seem like the cheaper alternative, but degradation of your sign is guaranteed and can lead to a drop in corporate image, or higher expenses as unscheduled mobilization of maintenance teams is far more costly.
Preventative maintenance is usually less costly in the long run, as major emergency failures can be prevented before more expensive work needs to be done. Also, travel costs are reduced as the maintenance can be worked into a schedule with other work being done in the area.
More importantly, the maintenance budget can be planned more effectively as there won’t be surprise costs coming up.
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