Why Use Us? Same day Printing Services


Why Use Us – Same Day Printing Services

Our goal is to provide fast and effective printings services therefore our line of printing products is increasing at a very fast rate, as of last year we can say that we have the most printing products as well as printing services available to our customers on a rush basis.


Why Use Us – Same Day Printing Services – Johannesburg

Our customers are more than just a name to us. We develop lasting relationships with our customers by communicating regularly and providing a consistently high level of service year after year. In addition, due to continuous re-investment, we are always improving.

Here are 8 reasons why our customers choose and decide to stay with us  as their printing company:

  1. Hi-Definition Photo-like Quality – We print at 200 lines per inch resolution whereas many printers use 175lpi, which means our print detail is finer.  In addition, we have built-in press cameras that measure to 100th mm registration accuracy. With continually investment in new connected technology, strict adherence to ISO 12647 colour standards, only the best quality inks and paper is used, along with good old fashioned attention to detail, the quality of our print really has been taken to the next level. See our page on quality, or even better, request to see samples for yourself.
  2. Fastest Turnaround times – Our selection of production machinery and internal processes are all chosen to achieve lightning fast turnaround times, including next day. With in-house mailing we can often have your job in the post in the time most printers are still printing. Everything is produced in London and bulk copies are delivered throughout the SA by couriers with individual copies sent via Royal Mail using our in-house mailing department.
  3. 30 Years experience in Magazines and Booklet Printing – It’s in our DNA. We have been working with magazine publishers, event and sport organisers, local government and businesses since 1983. Over 100 publishers trust us to print their 250 magazine and newsletter titles.
  4. You will notice our prices are amongst the most competitive in the market – We achieve this because we specialise in short run printing of multi page documents. Most of the costs for this type of work are in the set up of each set of plates on the press. By relentless focus on reducing this time down from and industry standard 20 minutes, to less than 4 minutes per plate change, we can achieve dramatic cost savings which we pass on to you. Reply to our quick enquiry, or phone  011 039 5743 to receive a quote and see for yourself.
  5. Dedicated Customer Service Team – Talk to us anytime, our experienced team offer advice and guidance as standard to make sure your job goes smoothly and stress free.  In fact, our customer service is so good,  9 out of 10 would recommend us (and 6 out of 10 already have!)
  6. We Take a Green Approach Seriously – All are inks are based on vegetable oils, our papers are all FSC certified and we recycle 100% of our waste paper (including office waste), metal plates and plastic packagings. In fact, we managed to reduce our landfill waste in 2012 by 33%.
  7. In-House mailing service – Means not only can we do your booklet or magazine printing but also having it in the hands of the recipient as quickly as possible. With everything now happening in real-time, it’s becoming even more important to get your readers your printed product in the post. We can help with this. Fulfilment on the day of it coming off the press is not an unusual to us.
  8. Consultative Service – Our customers like us because we look after them as if they are our only customer. We help with ideas and guidance to ensure your printed product is the best it can be. We also make recommendations to increase ad sales for magazines and to reduce costs not only on print costs but also mailing and postage.


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